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Capitol Industries Inc.’s premium master-keyed locks are designed for supreme protection, flexibility, and convenience. Call today for details.

Flexible, Convenient Protection

Keys are a great invention—they open many doors while also keeping us safe. However, too many keys can be a real problem, especially when they are lost or stolen, or if you have a large collection of keys and their copies. Have you ever felt frustrated at having to try multiple keys on a lock, without ever getting through the door? Wouldn’t it be much easier if one key opened all your entrances?

Capitol Industries Inc. offers you that convenience and simplicity. Our master-keyed locks require fewer keys, while providing greater flexibility and security. Call us today for details.

No more heavy pockets

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Why Switch to a Master-Keyed System?

Master-keyed systems are amazingly practical, especially in buildings with several entrances. They grant access to all communal areas and private spaces with a single key. How? It’s quite simple.

Thanks to multiple personalized combinations, master-keyed systems from Capitol Industries Inc. allow you to configure keys and cylinders so that the same key opens several doors. These systems are beneficial for a full range of applications, such as single-family homes, apartment buildings with several communal entrances, or facilities that need a controlled access system. Call us today to learn more.

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