About us

History & Mission

At Capitol Industries, we consider core values to be at the heart of all our business relationships and we are fully committed to upholding their ideals in all aspects of our company.

Our Story

From humble beginnings, Aaron Fish began his career selling keys and security hardware at the age of 17, doing his rounds on a bicycle. A natural entrepreneur and innovator, he invented and developed the still widely popular push button lock. In order to survive, he took his company public and bought Capitol Industries, a die-casting factory.


From there he went on to build a successful global company called Unican Security Systems. Unican, later llco-Unican, was purchased by Swiss security giant Kaba in 2001 (now known as dormakaba).

In 2007, Mr. Fish bought back control of Capitol Industries to preserve its expertise, to preserve the jobs of long-time, loyal employees, and to bring the company back to family ownership, as well as to profitability. Under proven long-standing leadership and new family additions, Capitol Industries is going back to its roots as a security product developer, innovating new product lines and paving its road to renewed success.

Our corporate mission

At Capitol Industries, we consider these core values to be central to all our business relationships and are fully committed to upholding their ideals in all aspects of our company.

  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Reciprocity
We believe that all our relationships should be governed by the highest ethical conduct.
We believe in honesty, integrity, respect and transparency in all our relationships with suppliers and customers.
We believe that our success is based on our client’s success, and that all corporate activities should be dictated around our client’s needs.

We believe in diversity in the workplace and the fair and equal treatment of all our employees.

We believe in providing our customers with the best possible quality, value and service.
We believe in offering the best die casting services available on the market.
We believe in operational excellence and continuous improvement in all aspects of our company to exceed corporate and client expectations.
We believe in delivering quality in a competitive marketplace.
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