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Since 1969, Capitol Industries Inc. has been manufacturing high-security vending locks and keys. In our 50 years of operation, though many things have changed, our commitment to our customers’ security remains as strong as ever. Call today.

Vending Machine Security Solutions

Long recognized as an industry leader in locks, Capitol Industries Inc. supplies some of the biggest vending machine manufacturing companies across North America. We remain committed to being a trusted source for high-security vending machine locks, with massive investments in R&D. Our range of vending machine security products include cam locks, plug locks, removable core locks and more!

Looking for a more customized solution? Call our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Industry leaders since 1969

Vending Machine Lock Core

Smarter Locking Options

Capitol Industries Inc aims to offer best-in-class products and services to all our customers. To this end, we have massively invested in the latest technology and quality control, putting us far ahead of our competition. Throughout our 50 years as an industry leader, we have established a large network across the North American market.

To protect unmanned vending machines, our locking systems are designed to offer manipulation resistance, key control, and convenience. Call us today to learn more.

A large network across the North American market

Vending Machine Lock

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Capitol Industries Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying locks to North America since 1969. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements or to take a look at our fabulous selection of locking systems.